About Us

Like so many of you, we adore fashion, shopping and especially shoes! While we’re politically aware,

socially responsible and generally good people, like the ad said, “Nothing is coming between me and my Calvin Klein”.

Fashion, art, design, it all nourishes the soul.

I started shopping online over 12years ago and have never looked back. The Internet opened up a world of

global style I often craved, (but found hard to source in Australia) not just fashion but also the world of

design; I enjoy the new and applaud the forward thinking.

I utterly adored the fact that I could shop at any hour and find what I wanted, sometimes solely in one store,

I didn’t have to spend hours (which I rarely had to give) foraging through store after store, rack after rack,

in search of that perfect something. Then to have it delivered to me, to not have to leave home to pick it up?

Lets just say “You Got Mail” suddenly took on a whole new meaning. Thus began my love affair with the

Internet and online shopping.



Sisters, Brothers, Sister in laws, friends and friends of friends, suddenly our world included lots of little citizens.

They were adorable, funny and just waiting to be, it was like a blank canvas to me. So of course, my fashion instinct

went on a mission to find and dress these delightful little tykes in gorgeous clothes and shoes, which embraced their

varying personality and set them apart from all their playmates. I mean this was expected of me!

But here’s what I found out, and very quickly, I might add! I didn’t enjoy shopping with kids, sorry but a simple task

seemed to take so long, mainly because I didn’t want them looking like an advertisement for the latest movie blockbuster,

(this was the time to embrace their individuality) and then their boredom factor and not wanting to try things on,

the noise level ... I was thinking Sangria not Sandals! There was a simpler way and so I once again turned to my trusted friend,

the cosmic super highway.

I found beautiful dresses in Belgium, tops and sassy jeans in the US, Italy and the Netherlands, shoes in

France and so on and so on. The Europeans I found are superb at blending form and function. My aim was

that our kids looked fabulous but most importantly were comfortable. I chose designers that were socially conscious

and actually thought about kids and not just produce the same style every year. The parents loved everything I chose

and their friends were always asking ‘where did you get that’? I appreciated the fact that parents wanted to see their

kids in different designs but with a responsible attitude. I was then asked to start buying for friends of their friends and

their kids.

And that’s how Red Nest came to be.

In keeping with my personal philosophy, my store will only ever carry limited quantities of any one design.

So generally what you see is only available at that moment. I have quite the eclectic collection that suits the many

moods kids go through in a day and can be easily mixed and matched.

Quality and texture are the most important criteria when selecting which designers to carry. Like myself, they are

committed to the well being of children and their impact on the environment.

The best part is that unless they are pre-orders, everything is in stock and ready to be delivered. There will always

be new styles added so be sure to check in regularly.

Welcome to Red Nest